πŸ’‘ Scala is a general-purpose programming language providing support for both object-oriented programming and functional programming.

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πŸ’‘ Scala FAQ


What can you do with Scala language?

What is Scala used for? A lot of things, ranging from machine learning to web apps. As a high-level general purpose language, Scala boasts an extensive range of possible applications. Scala allows developers to make good use of standard JVM features and Java libraries.


Which command is used to compile Scala programs?

The 'scalac' command is used to compile the Scala program and it will generate a few class files in the current directory. One of them will be called HelloWorld.


Is Scala programming hard to learn?

If you're interested in data science, and especially if you want to use tools like Apache Spark, learning Scala is highly recommended. Scala can be difficult to learn, especially without prior knowledge of Java or a similar language like C.


Can I mock a Scala object?

At present, ScalaMock can only mock traits, Java interfaces, and non-final classes that define a default constructor. A future version will be able to mock any class, and singleton/companion objects.


Is Scala losing popularity?

Scala's popularity shot up, becoming the 20th ranked language on the TIOBE index in 2018. Today it is lower, although it is No. 14 on Redmonk. According to Oliver White, chief editor at Lightbend, the company behind Scala, the programming language supports companies with valuations in the hundreds of billions.


In what ways Scala is better than other programming language?

Advantages of Scala. The code is more concise, readable, and error-free. It is easy to write, compile, debug, and run the program in Scala, when compared to many other programming languages. Functional programming lets you approach the same problem in a different angle.


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