πŸ’‘ RabbitMQ: core server and tier 1 (built-in) plugins

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πŸ’‘ RabbitMQ FAQ


Is RabbitMQ stateful?

RabbitMQ requires using a Stateful Set to deploy a RabbitMQ cluster to Kubernetes. The Stateful Set ensures that the RabbitMQ nodes are deployed in order, one at a time.Aug 10, 2020


Does RabbitMQ retain messages?

If the message has to be persisted, then RabbitMQ will do so right away[3]. Now even if a message was persisted to disk, this doesn't mean the message got removed from RAM, since RabbitMQ keeps a cache of messages in RAM for fast access when delivering messages to consumers.


Is RabbitMQ FIFO or LIFO?

Queues in RabbitMQ are FIFO ("first in, first out"). Some queue features, namely priorities and requeueing by consumers, can affect the ordering as observed by consumers.


How does RabbitMQ cluster work?

A RabbitMQ cluster is a logical grouping of one or several nodes, each sharing users, virtual hosts, queues, exchanges, bindings, runtime parameters and other distributed state.


What happens when RabbitMQ goes down?

In detail: The messages that RabbitMQ publish are persistent. When the message broker goes down, the events are not published and I am planning to store these events in a database and publish them again to RabbitMQ when it is up.


How to publish a message in RabbitMQ C#?

In c#, we need to add the β€œRabbitMQ. Client” nuget package in our application to communicate with the RabbitMQ server to publish or consume messages for that, right-click on your application and select Manage NuGet Packages as shown below. Now search for RabbitMQ.


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