πŸ’‘ PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used for web development.

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Is PHP still relevant in 2022?

In the developer's community, a lot of people started perceiving PHP as an outdated language that has no place in the IT industry by 2022. However, statistics show that around 80% of websites are still written on PHP.May 2, 2022


Can I use PHP in Vuejs?

PHP is a β€œhypertext preprocessor” - it just runs once on the server and delivers a HTML document to the client. So you can't make calls to PHP from Vue.


How to store id value in PHP variable?

Yes you can store it in a varibale and reuse it. And you can use the variable $divId anywhere in the page. And if you want to use it in any other pages then you have to put it in any session variable and use that . You can use the variable $_SESSION["divId"] anywhere in your website.


Can I update PHP in XAMPP?

Download PHP from the latest Xampp:. Extract the folder and copy php folder from the latest xampp. Now, go to your existing xampp folder and rename the current PHP folder to php7 or whatever you want. Then paste the new php folder in the existing xampp. That's it!


Is PHP Curl asynchronous?

Short answer is no it isn't asynchronous. Longer answer is "Not unless you wrote the backend yourself to do so." If you're using XHR, each request is going to have a different worker thread on the backend which means no request should block any other, barring hitting process and memory limits.


Is PHP 8 faster for WordPress?

According to this result, PHP 8.0 is the clear winner and the fastest loading time is 164 ms. PHP 5.6 is the slowest one which is almost 3 times slower compared to PHP 8.0 (the latest PHP version). Site Performance Hierarchy (Fastest PHP Version): 8.0 > 7.4 > 7.3 >7.2 > 7.1 > 7.0 > 5.6.


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