๐Ÿ’ก MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.

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How do I keep MySQL connection alive?

To prevent these connections being automatically closed, the connector can be configured to keep the connection alive by submitting a simple SELECT statement (actually SELECT 'KEEP_ALIVE';) periodically to ensure that the MySQL timeout is not reached and the connection closed.


How exclude data from MySQL query?

Write a single MySQL query to exclude a record and display NULL value. To check records which are NULL, use IS NULL. However, to exclude any of the records, use the NOT IN clause. Use both of them in the same query.


Does MySQL support concurrency?

Concurrency Control. Anytime more than one query needs to change data at the same time, the problem of concurrency control arises. For our purposes in this chapter, MySQL has to do this at two levels: the server level and the storage engine level.


How do I enable SSL on MySQL server?

Enable SSL Connections on MySQL. Now, connect to the MySQL shell and check the status with the following command: mysql -u root -p --ssl-mode=required mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%ssl%'; You should see that both have_openssl and have_ssl variables are now enabled.


How do I know if MySQL is PHP connected?

It's very simple concept, first the โ€œmysql_connectโ€ argument will check the database hostname, username and password. If the first argument is true, then PHP take the second line to execute else the script will die with an output given in the Die section. Similarly, mysql_select_db check the database on the server.


Is MySQL port 3306 encrypted?

MySQL uses 3306 instead (and can use SSL over this port or any other to encrypt the connection). So, setting up SSL encryption for a MySQL connection doesn't affect the used port.


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