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πŸ’‘ Kubernetes FAQ


How to install ingress controller in Kubernetes using Helm?

$ helm install my-release -f values-plus. yaml . The command deploys the Ingress Controller in your Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.


Can I learn Kubernetes without Docker?

Although Docker is not needed as a container runtime in Kubernetes, it still has a role to play in the Kubernetes ecosystem, and in your workflow. Docker is still going strong as a tool for developing and building container images, as well as running them locally.11 Feb 2021


What can we use to access an application running inside Kubernetes from the external world?

If you want to access the application externally the Kubernetes offers us a component named service. The service component in the Kubernetes cluster will act as a static IP. We can access the application by creating a service for the Pod(container running applications).


Does Kubernetes support IPv6?

Kubernetes on Windows does not support single-stack "IPv6-only" networking. However, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networking for pods and nodes with single-family services is supported.Jul 11, 2022


How to use Kubernetes without Docker?

You can decide to use Kubernetes without Docker, or even Docker without Kubernetes for that matter (but we advise you to use it for different purposes than running containers). Still, even though Kubernetes is a rather extensive tool, you will have to find a good container runtime for it – one that has implemented CRI.27 Apr 2022


What is a Kubernetes namespace?

Namespaces are a way to organize clusters into virtual sub-clusters β€” they can be helpful when different teams or projects share a Kubernetes cluster.


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