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πŸ’‘ Bulma FAQ


How did Bulma and Vegeta have a baby?

Ultimately this leads them to develop a mutual attraction and they begin an affair, which results in her becoming pregnant with his child. By the time Bulma gives birth to their son, Trunks, Vegeta flees to space to become a Super Saiyan and doesn't return until a year later when the Androids arrive.


Is Bulma better than Bootstrap?

While 90% of Bulma works in IE11, Bootstrap has better compatibility with this browser. Bootstrap has some elements like list group, wells, or page header that Bulma doesn't have. Bulma has introduced some support for accessibility, but Bootstrap has strong and pervasive compatibility with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.


When did Vegeta and Bulma start dating?

What is interesting is the Daizenshuu claims that around Age 764 to Age 767 is when Bulma begins to fall in love with Vegeta. --Bulma dumps Yamcha for being (she says) unfaithful. She begins to fall in love with Vegeta. However, they do not marry.


How does Bulma CSS work?

Bulma is built on Flexbox, a CSS layout model that automatically adjusts the width of a page element based on the width of its container. Flexbox requires developers to write both HTML and CSS to create elements that adhere to this model.7 Dec 2022


Why did Bulma marry Vegeta and not Yamcha?

Bulma Didn't Want to Settle Down. Regardless of how connected Yamcha was to the conflicts and all the time he spent training, there was always a disconnect in their mentalities. To be fair, when Yamcha passed away in the Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta Saga, Bulma said that she would have married him had he asked.


Is Bulma a good framework?

Bulma is responsive. It can be difficult to try to convert a desktop-designed site for use on a mobile device, but with Bulma, it's not really an issue. Bulma is a mobile-first CSS framework, offering optimum site responsiveness. Build a site one time and watch it work across any device.


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