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I am wondering who is still active in the contributors and have time to maintain this project. I think at least tests should be updated to ensure last Wagtail and Django versions are still supported. Feel free to ask if any help is needed.

2022-03-16 09:03:27

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  thibaudcolas answered on 2022-07-10 08:02:52

@jeromelebleu are you still interested in helping with maintenance? If so would be nice for you to come say hi on our Slack workspace, where we now have a channel for this package.

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  bcdickinson answered on 2022-07-01 15:47:25

Hi @jeromelebleu, we have a couple of new people (including me) to look after this now, so you should start seeing movement on things now!

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  thibaudcolas answered on 2022-04-27 20:49:36

Hi @jeromelebleu, thank you for offering to help. We’re checking who we currently have available to maintain this package, and how many people would ideally be needed – I’ll get back to you once we know more.

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