chore: Update Griffel to latest version



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Bumps Griffel packages to latest versions to get Because of that fix there is a visual regression in SpinButton that works now correctly (described in

2022-10-04 15:55:14

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  fabricteam answered on 2022-10-04 16:11:56

Perf Analysis (@fluentui/react-components)

No significant results to display.

All results

Scenario Render type Master Ticks PR Ticks Iterations Status
Avatar mount 1292 1304 5000
Button mount 938 927 5000
FluentProvider mount 1494 1471 5000
FluentProviderWithTheme mount 593 568 10
FluentProviderWithTheme virtual-rerender 540 542 10
FluentProviderWithTheme virtual-rerender-with-unmount 579 572 10
MakeStyles mount 2024 2029 50000
SpinButton mount 2409 2350 5000

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  size-auditor[bot] answered on 2022-10-04 16:09:44

Asset size changes

Size Auditor did not detect a change in bundle size for any component!

Baseline commit: b4a703103ebdf240bdce2fd629d8e5783ebb6ad1 (build)

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  codesandbox-ci[bot] answered on 2022-10-04 16:07:47

This pull request is automatically built and testable in CodeSandbox.

To see build info of the built libraries, click here or the icon next to each commit SHA.

Latest deployment of this branch, based on commit 626770c6a8deff02c95256da6eaa5d09be9ec731:

Sandbox Source
@fluentui/react 8 starter Configuration
@fluentui/react-components 9 starter Configuration
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